Guilt- Chapter Nine

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Guilt- Chapter Nine Empty Guilt- Chapter Nine

Post  Cara Jamieson on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:04 am

Amir uses a declarative as he says: "I wished I could have mustered more," as he thanks Baba for his present. This simple sentence creates a strong impact on the reader as it emphasises Amir's guilt for his lack of grattitude.
Then, Amir uses a declarative as he says: "that was the only one that didn't feel like blood money." The modifier, "blood" is elavative language and has connotations to guilt as it symbolises the violence and betrayal of the novel that causes this constant guilt running through the novel.
Next, Amir describes the mess Ali and Hassan are clearing up: "Paper cups, crumpled napkins, and empty bottles of soda." The syndetic list creates guilt as it represents how Ali and Hassan always deal with Amir's mess and also emphasises how Amir feels guilty that Hassan spends his life serving Amir, even when Amir does nothing in return.
The declarative: "A lump was rising in my throat" uses elevated language and the concrete noun: "lump" is used to represent all the guilt building up inside Amir which he cannot prevent.
After Amir recieves his extravagant gift, he says to Ali: "Thank you, Ali."
This is a blunt, formal form of thanks which does not show much appreciation for the expensive, special and personal book which Amir has been given. Therefore his blunt: "Thank you, Ali" is cold, expressionless and symbolises the change in the relationship between Amir and Hassan.
Amir describes the gift: "a brand new Shahnamah, a hardback with glossy coloured illustrations between the passages." The fact that Amir uses elaborate modifiers like, "brand new" and, "glossy coloured" represents his admiration at the gift. This description following his blunt: "Thank you" emphasises how he feels unable to express this admiration because of his overwhelming guilt at his betrayal of Hassan.
This evident guilt is continued as Amir uses the declarative: "I wanted to tell Ali it was not the book, but I who was unworthy." This foreshadows later on when Amir fails to admit that he lied about Hassan stealing.

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Guilt- Chapter Nine Empty Re: Guilt- Chapter Nine

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:01 am

You have produced a detailed a confident analysis of the text that shows a good understanding of the novel and understanding of key terminology. Well done.


"elavative language" - this should be elevated language.

Check the ordering of your paragraph wording. I know this wasn't a formal assessment but make sure that the order flows well.


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