Guilt in chapter nine.

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Guilt in chapter nine. Empty Guilt in chapter nine.

Post  Y.Bright on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:02 am

Amir plants the watch and money under hassan's pillow and frames him for theft.

'I don't know why i even botherd, since i just gavce them a joyless glance and pitched them to the corner of the room.'

- No matter how many presents Amir has it does not mount up to the amount of guilt he has resting on his shoulders.

'A polaroid camera, a transistor radio, an elaborate electric train set - and several sealed envelopes containing cash.'

- This is a syndatic list because it uses the word and.

'Bloody money'

The money Amir has recieved means nothing to him, he only got given all this money for doing so well in the kite tournment, but he would not of done well if it hadn't been for Hassan going through the horrific scene just to keep the kite.

The word 'blood' relates to danger, and that soemthing bad will happen which does happen because Hassan and Ali end up leaving.

When Amir plants the watch and mone, he is doing this because he feels this will make everything better and make all the guilt he has go away, because if Hassan and Ali leave all will be out of sight and out of mind, but this does not happen because what Amir has done is something he will never be able to forget.

'But this was no Hindi movie. I was sorry,but i didn't cry and i didn't chase the car.'


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Guilt in chapter nine. Empty Re: Guilt in chapter nine.

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:21 am

You have made some revelant points here about key character relationships and how the plot advances as a result. This is backed up with a detailed overview of the impact of some quotes.

Aims: You need to include much more linguistic terminology, this is what will get you the marks. Whilst a literary analysis is useful, the examiner will want to see specific terms used, such as "modifier" and *why* they are used. Don't just feature-spot - you will need to include an explanation.


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