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Post  Katie Singer on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:02 am

Page 3:
When Amir is talking about Hassan he talks about him as if he was a 'doll chiseled from hardwood'. So Amir may only have love for him as he does for a toy doll. His eyes were like 'sapphire', the use of the modifier portrays him as precious and very special. When Amir is describing Hassan he uses an asyndetic list, 'his flat, broad nose and slanting eyes like bamboo leaves...depending on the light, gold, green even sapphire.' These concrete nouns make Hassan solid and real, the use of the nouns even makes him seem concrete. The fact that at the beginning of chapter 2 we have a long paragraph just about Hassan's features means that he is not just a servant, he has a vivid memory.

Page 7:
When the soldiers are shouting at Hassan about his mother and throwing insult he starts to cry and show emotion. At the beginning of the chapter we have an image of a doll that is a servant and does not really show his emotions. However, 'i reached across my seat, slung my arm around him, pulled him close.' The fact there is no conjunction makes it a complex sentence and it's like Hassan is the centre and Amir exists around him, he is being possessive. This is also the first time we have seen Amir show real feelings in comforting Hassan, and this shows a different side to the Amir we know so far.

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Love in Chapter 2 Empty Re: Love in Chapter 2

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:18 am

The first section in particular provides a successful analysis using linguistic terms to provide appropriate detail. Your growing confidence in using these terms is apparent. Well done.


Continue to develop analysis at sentence level eg declaritve sentences - who speaks them and what do they reveal?

Include a focus on elevated language (or imagery) as appropriate.

Remember the focus is on the author and *his* language choices.


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