Chapter 10 - Culture

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Chapter 10 - Culture Empty Chapter 10 - Culture

Post  charlotte rutherford on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:03 am

Quote - 'A young woman sat across from us. She was dressed in an olive green dress with a black shawl wrapped tightly around her face against the night chill'

Effect - This emphasizes the way in which muslim woman act and dress and 'wrapped tightly' shows that she does not want to risk her shawl falling lose, this indicates she may be a strict muslmi.

Technique - There are a lot of adjectives used so that we can get a clear idea of how the woman looks. There is also a short sentence used at the start so that we know the basic fact that there is a woman there and it then leads on to descrbing her.

Quote - 'there was a grainy photograph of my grandfather and king Nadar Shah standing over a dead deer'

Effect - This highlights the important activity of hunting in there culture. It refers to animals being below them and less important (vulnerable, easily hunted, victim, graceful)

Technique - The fact that they are described to be 'standing over' emphasizes that they feel they are better than the deer and that the deer is an animal to be killed as they are looking over it.

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Chapter 10 - Culture Empty Re: Chapter 10 - Culture

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:06 am

You have focused on some interesting aspects of this complicated theme in a way that shows your understanding of characterisation and key plot details.

Aims: There is not enough linguistic terminology here - adjectives should be modifiers, sentence types as declaritives etc. This is what the examiners are looking for, so keep revising them and applying them to your text.


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