Love between Rahim and Homaira

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Love between Rahim and Homaira Empty Love between Rahim and Homaira

Post  Conor on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:03 am

Rahim khan tells Amir about his childhood sweetheart, Homaira and how she and him were engaged, yet she was a neighbour's servant, and was sent away. (p86)

semantic field;

These words create quite a magical tone to the paragraph. It shows how he is almost dreaming about what he is saying as he says it. This shows how he knows it can never be true but he wishes that it could be because he loves her.

'white' - white shows peace and purity and is associated with weddings and other religious ceremonys. This shows how they were very close and cared alot about each other since they had already been thinking about weddings, building a big house and having kids.

imperative sentences - 'I would build is a big house', we'd have a great, fancy wedding' and 'we would plant fruit trees'. This shows that there is no doubt in Rahim's mind that if they had been excepted and were still together than they would have all of these things.

'we would plant fruit trees in the garden and grow all sorts of flowers, have a lawn for our kids to play on' - Rahim khan describes a very detailed picture of what he wishes that his life is like. He adds very little details which show he he never forgot about Homaira and always thinks about what could have been.


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Love between Rahim and Homaira Empty Re: Love between Rahim and Homaira

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:13 am

I am pleased to see your use of linguistic terminology here. You show an awareness of the different techniques used to present a theme or character at both whole text and sentence level.


consider the use of "elevated language" for imagery

refer to the lexical choices of the author

develop individual word level analysis and what it shows about the feelings/ status/ relationship of the character.


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